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quintecar.ca was established 7 years ago with the intent of promoting the local (Bay of Quinte) car scene. Over the 7 years that is has existed we have slowly grown to cover a geographic area that begins in the east in Ottawa, extends down along the St. Lawrence to the eastern edge of the GTA. As well quintecar.ca has built a network of contacts in the Montreal QC area, down in to New York, Pennsylvania, on in to the Carolina’s. We have a comprehensive listings of car shows, cruise nights and information all laid-out in an easy to navigate style.

From the original concept a great deal has changed. Originally focused on the Quinte region, listings now cover a much larger geographical footprint. That change was reflected in the events that are listed on the home page, now events as far away as 1000 km. also appear. All listings are placed chronologically with a preference toward Ontario car shows.

There have been over 400,000 visits to quintecar.ca in the last 365 days.

There is no other website quite like quintecar.ca anywhere.

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